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The Catalog of Unfit Toys: Care-For-Me-Bears

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on March 1, 2011


These cuddly cubs will immediately grab your heart…and never, ever let go.

Have fun with your extremely huggable playmates as they repeatedly call your cell phone for reassurance or reconnaissance, make numerous yet vague allusions to migraines, the flu or lupus and pepper their conversations with such sweet nothings as “I can’t handle this,” “If you really love me,” “Last night I dreamed you cheated on me…how could you?” and “If I didn’t have you I…I just don’t know what I’d do…”

Before you know it these beseeching bears will have systematically alienated both your friends and family until it’s just the two of you alone, sitting on the couch, staring at the next 40 years while waiting for the sweet release of death.

See More at The Catalog for Unfit Toys.

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