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Rejected Young Adult Books

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on April 25, 2011

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  1. Jim said, on April 25, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    OT: The Libertarian Party outlines the 20 biggest fuck-ups committed under the Obama administration and explains how they would fix things:

    1. Cash for Clunkers
    The government should not try to dictate what vehicles people drive, or what mileage they get. This program paid people to destroy their cars and buy new higher-mileage cars. It wasted both money and natural resources. Libertarians would never have done this.

    2. War escalation in Afghanistan
    We would withdraw American forces from Afghanistan. President Obama has escalated the war.

    3. Giant government health care expansion bill
    Libertarians would return health care to the private sector and the free market, instead of repeatedly increasing the amount of government interference.

    4. Post office loses money hand over fist
    Libertarians would end the post office’s monopoly, and allow competition and the free market to provide the mail services people demand.

    5. Stimulus package
    The key to a robust economy is shrinking government, not growing it. Libertarians don’t believe in stimulus packages.

    6. Expansion of “state secrets” doctrine
    The president is not a dictator. Libertarians would not allow presidential actions to avoid judicial scrutiny.

    7. Big increase in unemployment
    High unemployment is mostly caused by government interference. Libertarians would let the free market work.

    8. “Bailout” Geithner as Treasury Secretary
    Libertarians would appoint someone who understands economics and the importance of free markets.

    9. Skyrocketing federal spending
    Libertarians would would make huge cuts, not increases, in government spending.

    10. Huge federal deficits
    Libertarians would cut government spending so much that deficits would disappear.

    11. War in Libya
    Libertarians want to end America’s foreign wars, not start new ones.

    12. Assassination doctrine
    Libertarians would never claim that the president can assassinate American citizens just because he personally believes them to be terrorists.

    13. Big-spending deals with Republicans
    Last December, and again this month, President Obama and Republicans came together to keep federal spending huge this year. Massive defense spending, unemployment extensions, ethanol subsidies, etc. Libertarians would demand cuts in the current year, and we’d be happy to let the government shut down if our opponents refused.

    14. Keeping Guantanamo open
    Before he was elected, Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay. He hasn’t done it. Libertarians would shut it down.

    15. Fed massively inflates fiat currency
    With the support of President Obama and Treasury Secretary Geithner, the Federal Reserve has continued its massive inflation of the money supply. Libertarians wouldn’t allow it — in fact, we would end the Fed.

    16. War on Poker
    Less than two weeks ago, Obama’s Justice Department decided to trample on the rights of millions of Americans by shutting down several online poker websites and indicting their executives. Libertarians believe that Americans have the right to gamble.

    17. Patriot Act extensions
    Obama has signed bills to extend the life of the Patriot Act, which violates the civil rights of Americans. Libertarians would refuse to renew it.

    18. Sustaining warrantless wiretaps
    As a candidate, Obama said he would end these violations started during the Bush administration. But apparently he lied. Warrantless wiretaps are still being used today. Libertarian would end them immediately.

    19. Sustaining War in Iraq
    As a candidate, Obama promised the Iraq War would be over by now. But there are still upwards of 50,000 American troops in Iraq. Libertarians would end that war and withdraw all of the troops.

    20. Medical Marijuana raids
    In October 2009, we sent a press release commending the Obama administration’s new policy to end raids on medical marijuana providers. Unfortunately, they were lying. The feds have continued to raid medical marijuana providers. Libertarians would completely end the tragic and destructive War on Drugs.

  2. Mollyscribbles said, on April 25, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    I don’t see why the vampire werewolf zombie boy one didn’t make it. Did they forget to put in a love interest?

  3. Harold said, on April 26, 2011 at 12:10 am

    Make it “Japanese Teen Vampire Werewolf Zombie Lesbians,” and you’ll clean up in certain markets.

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