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6 Movie Sequels That Did Everything Wrong

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Sure, there are a lot of bad sequels to already bad original movies. (One could teach a master class on the “Leprechaun” franchise if one somehow got a teaching job at DeVry’s Liberal Arts/Tollbooth Operations Institute). But it takes a certain amount of misguided artistry to follow up a fan favorite or critically acclaimed movie with something so dreadful the only people who are happy are the studio interns who scored free food from craft services during filming…Smosh Sample Wrong Movie SequelsYes, of course it had to start with Highlander 2: The Quickening. But for five more click here!

Medium Large Comic: Friday, July 19, 2013

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Unknown Second Jobs of Video Game Characters

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Mario has that plumbing business he and his brother have run into near bankruptcy from total neglect. And Sonic has his brothel. But what do other video game characters do to make ends meet when you’re not making them run around the screen?Smosh Sample Video Game Second JobTo see how all your favorite characters earn a few extra dollars for lottery scratch-offs click here.

“I Could Pee on This/I Could Chew on This” Comic Con Schedule

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If you’re going to Comic Con this year I hope you can stop by! Plus, you can get an exclusive Sally Forth/Doctor Who mini poster! Just think of all the mini walls you can hang that up on! Or if you can’t stop by the signing than say hi to me at the con. I’ll be the one who looks constantly bewildered because, well, that is my nature state.Comic Con Signing Poster Small

Medium Large Comic: Thursday, July 18, 2013

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6 Types of Summer Pool Parties

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During the very hot days of summer it seems like every party becomes an excuse for a pool party, whether it be for a birthday, an engagement, or the fact you successfully managed to break into your neighbor’s pool while they’re away. But when it comes right down to it, there are really only six different types of pool parties that span all scenarios, all guest lists, and all attempts to get strangers out of your backyard…Smosh Sample Pool PartyFor all the types of pool parties you’ll throw, get invited to or crash, click here.

Medium Large Comic: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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13 Scientific Lessons Learned from “Sharknado”

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By now a lot has written about the missteps and overall glorious, beautiful cinematic mistake that was the SyFy Original Movie “Sharknado,” whether it be on Twitter, on newscasts, or as the basis for at least six new University of Phoenix online courses. But today we discuss not what the movie did wrong but what in fact it taught us thanks to hard-hitting scientific research and journalism that those hacks over at “Shark Week” wouldn’t even dare to attempt, starting with…Smosh Sample SharknadoTo discover all this thesis in meteorology/ichthyology/SyFy Channel budget constraints can teach us, click right here.

Come to My Book Signings at Comic Con and Get an Exclusive “Ted Forth as The Doctor” Mini Poster

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As you all know this week is Comic Con 2013 and I’ll be there signing copies of I Could Pee on This and I Could Chew on This—as well as copies of the new calendar—at both Chronicle Books Booth #1506 and Autograph Area #8. (See Book Signing Schedule below)

And to help celebrate both the signings and the fact such got me into Comic Con in the first place, the exceedingly talented new artist for Sally Forth Jim Keefe and I (by which I mean I wrote a little dialogue and he did EVERYTHING else) created this exclusive Comic Con poster featuring Ted Forth in his true element…and Sally once more trying to make the best of that fact.Poster Forth Who Small

To get your copy of the poster or an exclusive Comic Con Ted Forth as The Doctor postcard, just meet me at one of the following book signings!

Chronicle Books Booth #1506: 2:00 pm
Autograph Area #8: 4:00-5:30 pm

Chronicle Books Booth #1506: 10:00 am

Also on Sunday I’ll be on the panel for Chronicle Books: Behind the Scenes of a Pop Culture Powerhouse in Room 32AB at 1:00 pm.

I hope to see you there and all those in attendance have fun at Comic Con 2013!

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Cheaper Ways to Combat the Giant Monsters of Pacific Rim

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In the movie Pacific Rim, Earth battles giant monsters that arrive via portal at the bottom of the ocean by building equally giant fighting robots. But given today’s global economy and recent federal budget cuts that would be almost impossible, unless the robots were made of giant cardboard boxes and moved by standing on top of several thousand Hot Wheels cars after a good push. So should creatures suddenly attack us through a fissure in the earth’s crust (as some more panic-stricken fortune cookies have predicted), we will need to consider the following far more cost-efficient options…Smosh Sample Pacific Rim
For all your budget-conscious monster Kaiju fighting needs click right here.

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