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Unpublished Halloween Coffee Table Books

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on October 30, 2013

Over the years I have taken countless photos perhaps under the deluded belief that if I don’t visually document everything then those very things won’t exist because I have a magic camera and enchanted iPhone. Or maybe because I just like to take pictures. Either way, it has resulted in me having an untold number of images that I have time and time again organized into coffee table books that remain unpublished because of The Man (or because my own publisher wishes to remain profitable). So for this spooky time of the year in which you are already regretting purchasing that pimp costume you know 98% of all men will be wearing come October 31st, here is your special edition of Unpublished Halloween Coffee Table Books…new-coffee-table-4Imperiled Ghosts Bookstatue-coffee-bookTime Traveling Industrialists Booknew-coffee-table-2killer-boats-coffee-bookfrugal-drunkards-book1Urban Hauntings BookYNMS Button SmallICPOT Button SmallICCOT Button SmallIKMM Button Small

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