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Write Your Own Irish Memoir—Mad Libs Style!

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on March 17, 2015

Irish Mad Libs ML MediumHappy St. Patrick’s Day!

Yes, today is St. Patrick’s Day, when we all happily discover a bit of the Celtic inside of us by discovering we in fact do own something in kelly green. And what better way to celebrate this fine day than with one of Ireland’s greatest imports, literature?

After all, few cultures have as rich of a literary tradition as the Irish. And few literary traditions are as steeped in abject sadness, soul-crushing squalor, and pub-related fatalities as that of the Irish autobiography. Yet each year we continue to be enthralled by books of remarkable resilience from authors that by all accounts should not have lived past birth.

So in honor of these fine men and women I present the following template to help you pen your own award-winning Irish memoir, Mad Libs-style. As in the actual Mad Libs, all you need do is fill in the blank spaces with the indicated word type. For example:

“We boiled the (noun) for dinner and then got (adjective)-faced on Harps.”

Ready? Then get out a paper and pen and let’s begin!

I Can’t Find Me Legs: A Tale of Growing Up Poor, Catholic, and Eventually Blind in Ireland
By (Your name here)

It was day three of the Blessed Feast of the Prolonged Consumption and Father O’Hurley had just finished (gerund) me in the abbey. I put on the clothes my dear, defeated mother had fashioned me from discarded (vegetable) and quickly ran past the abandoned (town’s sole economic lifeline)—only to learn that my (dearest childhood possession) had been sold to help pay for the removal of my wee brother’s (body part of which there is only one).

These were tough times for the Mc (complete surname) clan. A blight had destroyed all the (chemical element for water), and we had just burned the last of the (choose a gender) in the house to stay warm. Still, we had faith in our (proper noun) that He would be merciful and soon (verb) the lot of us in our sleep.

Soon after I arrived home my father stumbled in through the (entrance other than door), reeking of whiskey and (woman’s name other than “Mom”). “Damn the cursed English!” he yelled at our pet (inanimate object) before his (gimp extremity) gave out and he crashed face first into the (colorful Gaelic phrase for “open cutlery drawer”).

With my father now dead, it was up to my mother to raise me and my (double-digit number) siblings, which she did by getting a job in (imagine the worst job possible for a woman, then imagine it occurring inside an underground factory). Unfortunately, a few hours later while walking back from the prostitute cannery she was struck from behind, both sides and above from (oh hell, you decide). She eventually died from (medical term for “the sniffles”).

Twenty years later I moved to America.

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  1. Violet said, on March 17, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    HAH -this is great 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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