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The Glory that Is the Bic Four-Color Pen

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on September 9, 2015

SF September 9 2015When I was a script supervisor for independent films (read: “Very low budget movies save for a Paramount feature…that was never released and so now makes me question my script supervising skills) the job utilized two of my more pronounced attributes: my OCD and my love of Bic four-color pens (it also ended up being the reason I no longer eat pig, because farm locations are a good place to make new friends). The pen allowed me to keep track of various takes for a single shot, different line readings for each shot, different placement of limbs and how hair fell for each shot, different ways different syllables were stressed for each shot within the subset of different line reads within the subset of different body placement within the subset of…you get the idea.

All hail the mighty Bic four-color pen!


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