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Sally Forth Week: I Gotta Go Back, Back, Back to School Again

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on September 12, 2015

When I was a kid and my friend Val got cable (featuring a remote with two rows of buttons and a wire to the TV because EARLY EIGHTIES), HBO/Showtime/Cinemax showed Grease 2 every 15 minutes. Really. Sometimes it seemed as if they would interrupt Grease 2 for a very special broadcast of Grease 2. And as any of you who have seen the movie know, it did not deserve this much airplay. It also, alas, took up valuable time Val and I wished would be used to play the utterly asinine (it referenced Hanna Barbera’s Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, for crying out loud) but enjoyable Hardware Wars short again and again.

This is to say that while Grease 2 was a mess in every conceivable way, I still recall most of the soundtrack. And so whenever a new school year would begin, the song “Back to School Again” would pop in my head, playing on constant loop as I tried to hide behind air molecules from first to last period because I was exceedingly pathologically shy, which while not Hilary’s particularly issue does inform why she dreads early September and the sound of a bus pulling up to the curb.

Also, please say hello to the first of Hilary’s teachers ever shown or mentioned by name in the strip (which, upon realizing that, strikes me as very odd and a miss on my part), our newest cast member, Ms. Rankin.SF September 7 2015SF September 8 2015SF September 9 2015SF September 10 2015SF September 11 2015SF September 12 2015

PS: Having now watched the above clip for the first time in decades, I must add that while the original Grease was by no means ever a master class in direction (most scenes seem to involve putting the camera on a tripod and the director telling someone to get him from craft services after everyone said their lines), Grease 2 makes the first film look like an Akira Kurosawa retrospective by comparison.


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