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A Note on “Sally Forth”

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on July 5, 2017

Because I’ve been posting a lot about “Sally Forth” lately I just wanted to share that this December will mark my 20 years with the strip, which is by far the longest job I have ever held and blessedly one of the very few that did not involve financial copywriting.

And to mark this year I wanted to write an absolutely ridiculous story line (KAIJU!), will have to write perhaps one of the hardest (Ted’s dad, which will involve disco music), and in the most selfish-ass move possible use a corporate property to deal with my own half-century mark.

But most importantly, any and all of of this would not have been possible without readers’—and most crucially your—support. You have so much to do every minute and the fact that you use even one of those to read our strip still amazes me and fills me with joy. And equally most importantly (don’t grammar judge here), again none of this would have been possible without first the extremely talented Craig Macintosh and for the past several years Jim Keefe, whose amazing artistry, absolute professionalism, and the fact he introduced me to Baby Metal is what actually makes whatever ramblings I throw his way come to life. I just wanted to thank you all. And now for what we all came here to see…


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  1. Thumper said, on July 5, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    Oy. That’s gonna be stuck in my head now… 🙂

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