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Just Keep Moving, Just Keep Moving…

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on October 14, 2017

So, when I mentioned earlier that despite the current narrative Sally Forth would still be a humor comic, I should have added that would take a few days to happen.

That’s because what I remember most right after we found about my dad was movement. Everyone immediately got up, everyone knew instinctively what needed to be done, and everyone called everyone else. It is all blur, a series of fragmented thoughts and dialogue, and that is what I hoped to capture in the above strips. This is why we do not see Ted sit the family down and tell them what happened. Doing so would have only slowed things to a crawl the very moment when they ramp up tenfold. Plus, given the length of Ted’s dad’s illness (as well as my own dad’s), the moment he would have said, “Terry called” (just like when I said “The hospital called”) everyone would know. And so the exposition came as it did for me and others in my family—through calls, through quick planning, and through action after action after pause for breakdown after action.

As I said in the previous post, I in no way perceive my experience as a universal one, or my reaction to it as something everyone should relate to or understand. When the news broke I did as Ted did—I went into automaton mode and quickly and constantly did everything I thought needed to be done, fearing if I stopped for a moment I would just collapse and be of no use to anyone. Others may react differently under such circumstances, and each reaction is right and proper to them.

On a lighter side note, when I finished writing the Forth’s summer trip to Tanaka Kaiju World (remember when this comic at least tried to be funny and joyful?) I realized that the family seemingly made no plans about who would look after their pet, Kitty. Naturally, it would be assumed someone was feeding the cat and trying to see if she was hiding under the sofa or bed, but it still felt odd. This may be because a little over ten years ago I wrote a story arc in which Kitty went missing. She was gone only for a few hours, but since it took three weeks of comics to get that narrative across some readers thought 1) the cat had been missing for almost a month and 2) apparently the Forths change their clothes only at the start of the next lunar cycle. The result was copious hate mail, an invitation to be cursed out on a pet radio show (which is exactly how the show’s producer pitched it), and a rather vituperative message from a bat conservatory. So we have Sally asking Jackie and Ralph to look after the cat, not only to remove any lingering doubts about the well-being of Kitty but also to show how information about a tragedy is conveyed in its first few minutes.

And I promise, at least tomorrow’s strip will have some humor in it. Or at least showcase just how well Jim Keefe draws unending TSA lines at the airport.

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  1. Marsupial said, on October 16, 2017 at 5:19 pm

    The line about becoming an automaton is SO on-the-money! (I almost said dead-on, but changed my mind.) That’s me – do everything in an order in (what I think is) the most logical way, because ANY movement forward speeds the process. Of course, it upsets everyone else, but, but…

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