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They Have to Have a Casserole Dish around Here Somewhere…

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on October 16, 2017

Like the Forths and Ted’s brothers and mom, our family’s stay at the hospital after Dad was moved to the palliative wing lasted from early morning to late afternoon. During that time I tried repeatedly to buy my mom some breakfast or lunch, since I knew she hadn’t eaten and could use a different place to sit other than in the hospital room or hospital hallway. But my mom kept saying she didn’t want me to spend so much money on sandwiches because hospital food is too pricey and she could make something for us when we got back home.

Of course, that line of thought was completely ridiculous and absolutely, thoroughly understandable. After all, my mom was just trying to maintain some level of normalcy, keep doing what she would do on any other given day. I was looking after Mom just as she was looking after me. This is the emotional transactions of family, especially in times of grief.

Mom eventually had a ham and cheese sandwich.

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