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Sally Forth Comic Con: Overwatch

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on July 9, 2018

Being in that Venn diagram overlap of “Introvert” and “Shy”—two characteristics that are actually far more dissimilar than many believe and so may indicate that I am actually neither but simply socially hapless—I’ve never really gone all in on co-op or multiplayer online games. Of course, the real reason may be that I grew up in an era in which video games were mostly solitary pursuits like Atari’s Adventure, otherwise known as Speared Olive Knight Fights What Appears to Be a Giant Duck.

Or it may actually tie back to shyness. Perhaps that aspect of shyness that borders on narcissism because you truly believe everyone is watching and judging you, since I fear that I will singlehandedly be responsible for destroying an entire mission or dismantling a virtual sandbox. In short, my reaction to seeing the sky crack over Fortnite would have been a gasped, “Oh shit! I’m sorry!” Because when you’re the type of person who fears they and they alone are the cause for an interdimensional breach, then you’re dealing with some high-octane solipsism there. On the other hand, at least I know I would not have felt responsible for the disappearance of the Fortnite in-game Durr Burger sign which—in what I think is some truly remarkable PR—turned up IRL in a California desert. Then things got even gloriously stranger.

At this point you might be asking, “Um, this post’s title references Overwatch. So why are you still talking about Fortnite instead?” Simple—because my thought process is a circuitous mess. But yes, Duncan’s older brother—who has been mentioned several times in the comic in terms that best be categorized as “somewhat of an asshole”—makes his first actual appearance in the comic today cosplaying as Overwatch character Lúcio, complete with Sonic Amplifier.

Team-based and eSports video games may forever be out of the wheelhouse of someone like me who regularly articulated his arm so as to pat his own back for realizing he could make the tank in Combat go through walls thanks to a glitch that everyone exploited. But I am fascinated by the idea of professional team tournament play. Or, more to the point, that people hire coaches to improve their game. Or, even more to the point, that Overwatch League team Shanghai Dragons had a record-setting season of 0-40. Zero and forty.

Suddenly the fact I could last upwards of three minutes in Defender makes me look like a contender.

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  1. frothyruminations (@frothyrum) said, on July 10, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    Always thought that duck/dragon was a sea horse.

  2. oldskool said, on July 10, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    You gave me such joy reading of someone else who enjoyed THE ONLY 2 VIDEO GAMES I EVER LOVED. I, too, felt *special* for “discovering” the glitch in Combat. And still feel that the range of outcomes, and potential mishaps that the bat in Adventure offered, made it feel like a more organic world, well before any real computer generated worlds in MMOs existed.

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