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Sally Forth Summer Sunday: My Childhood Home

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As always when the Forths visit Ted’s childhood home, note the R.E.M. poster still hanging in Ted’s old bedroom.

Sally Forth Summer Story Week 5: Movers and Shakers

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Sally Forth Summer Sunday: After These Messages We’ll Be Right Back

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Sally Forth Summer Story Week 4: Meet Steve and His Colon Full of Chain Restaurants

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Sally Forth Summer Sunday: It’s True. It’s All True.

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The British Dragon

The Lost Wandering House

The Cardboard Voltron

Dancing Multiverse Selves

Sally Forth Summer Story Week 3: Patented Woods Adventures

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Sally Forth and the Fotomat

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Actually, a Fotomat would be more like living inside a shed, since the absence of any indoor plumbing (or even a franchise-provided “Foto-vat” bucket) meant the lone employee would have to make a mad dash to the nearby shopping mall public restroom, only to be thwarted by an arriving customer or the vicious guard dog the owner put outside the Footman to ensure a full day’s work. Eventually, the rise of the one-hour photo service within those very malls put an end to having to wait a full day to find out your film had been lost in the mail, and so Fotomat (this is true) briefly moved into the videotape rental industry. Alas, the shack’s limited retail space meant each store could only hold 14 copies of Troop Beverly Hills and a single box of Sno-Caps, which the employee ate as their only means of sustenance as they stared out the window for hours on end, giving backstories to their only friends, the clouds. 

Sally Forth and Temporal Anomalies

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Now some of you may be asking, “How could Ted Forth be ten in 1988 when he was already an adult when Sally Forth debuted in 1982? Doesn’t that blow the reality of a comic in which a person has aged seven years in four decades and yet clearly I’m okay with this strip showing all modern conveniences when by this very line of questioning I should believe the comic has to have topped technically in the 80s and also why doesn’t the cast still dress like a precursor to Working Girl and why do you have me referencing Working Girl for a 1982 strip when that film came out in 1988 and I already forgot I used the word ‘precursor’? You really dropped the ball on this one, didn’t you? Answer me! ANSWER ME!!! This is why I sent you all those Facebook messages and found your email address and will be like that one guy who actually called you and left a message on your answering machine because this was 2001 and said he was so angry with your comic that he was coming up to “cleave” you with a sword he claimed he was sharpening while he spoke and then you changed your outgoing message to add ‘And to the person who left me a threat, if your mom gives you the bus fare to leave your parents’ basement apartment to get up here, then we’ll work out my death.’ Well, I still have my sword even though by now I’ve whittled it down to a pen knife, but guess who just scored some dough on the scratchers so see you soon!”

Sally Forth Summer Sunday: Then We’ll Get Ice Cream

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Sally Forth Summer Story Week 2: Into the Woods

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