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Sally Forth Summer Sunday: My Childhood Home

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on July 31, 2022
As always when the Forths visit Ted’s childhood home, note the R.E.M. poster still hanging in Ted’s old bedroom.

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  1. Carl Pietrantonio said, on July 31, 2022 at 11:33 am

    Jeez… I know how Ted feels. Pretty much, anyhow. I grew up in one house. My parents lived there for another 23 years. Well, Dad did as Mom passed before him. Then he signed over the house to me when he had to stop living alone after another 6 years after she died. I was going to return and live there after I retired. But time passes and you lose that touch of where you lived and the town grows and old friends move away.

    Sold the house a few years later after a remodel and renting for a while in order to buy a place somewhere else.

    I still look at photos of the place and on the rare occasion when I am in my hometown, I got by and look at it. Thankfully, despite landscape changes and such, it not only looks basically the same, it is batter looking due to good care.

    I miss the what was, but what time passes and softens, makes the bad memories fade and helps cherish the good ones. I feel Ted, despite being a comics character fixed in age, will feel the same.

    This is a particularly great strip and though I loves me this comic, today’s is a saver. I’ll look at it again multiple times in the years ahead.

    Thanks to you and Jim for a wonderful gift.

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