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Sally Forth: An Introduction to Trystero Con

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If you’re currently reading Sally Forth then 1) Thank you! 2) No, you’re confusing us with a softcore military comic strip also called Sally Forth, 3) No, you’re confusing us with a hardcore newspaper comic strip called Mary Worth and 4) Then you know that the Forths are on their way to Trystero Con 2018 STARTING TODAY!

Which means you might now be asking yourself “So, wait, what is Trystero Con? How did it become the 247th premiere event for all things comics, graphic novels, but really mostly movies and TV shows and not at all about the first two things anymore? Why is it when I type ‘Trystero Con’ into Google I just get links to a book, a coffee shop, or right back to Sally Forth? And why if this thing only exists in Sally Forth did you still accept my 4-day pass payment of $475?”

All perfectly reasonable questions of which I’m only going to answer the first two except to say this is why you buy “ticket insurance” for another $125. You see, Trystero Con began in California in 1966 as a small gathering of underground postal workers wishing to engage in conspiracy theories, listen to the music of The Paranoids, await the rise of the Trystero Empire, and draw the Trystero Con symbol on every bathroom stall, leading to the Con’s permanent eviction from the San Narciso Convention Center in its very first year.

Around the same time in the New York city of Ilium, another small con had started to celebrate Bokononism, a religion founded on little white lies, which in turn had taken over a previous con that celebrated the birth of the atomic bomb with featured guest speaker Felix Hoenikker, who spoke to no one and blithely walked over someone convulsing on a churro. Unfortunately, Bokononocon met its own immediate demise when high sales of the con-exclusive treat Ice-Pop-Nines resulted in all liquid—including human saliva—turning solid, thereby destroying almost all life as we know it well as nearby Schenectady.

But soon the survivors of Bokononocon started communicating with those not jailed after the first Trystero Con through public trash cans, eventually meeting at a sot-weed dispensary to work out the details of a new con (combining the “Trystero” from one and the “Con” from the other) that included what was claimed by some to be the very first instances of con cosplay. Alas, those mistaken for cosplayers were actually aliens who could perceive time in four dimensions and thus knew in advance of Trystero Con’s lax security. And so they imprisoned all the attendees in an intergalactic zoo and completely screwed with the concept of linear time, making it impossible for people who only purchased a one-day pass to determine exactly which day they could go.

But there was an upside to being ripped from one’s concept of reality, as the alien invasion/kidnaping/laser-gun assassinations inspired Trystero Con planners to incorporate sci-fi into their event, which in turn led to including comics books, which in turn led to bringing in all elements of pop culture that could be turned into Funko Pop dolls, including the various homicide victims featured in ID Network programming, all under the new product line “Nice Quite Town.”

Which brings us to today and the excitement of another year of con events, including an appearance by voice actor/singer Karla Philips of the 80s animated TV series Starlee and the Moonbeams! So meet us at The-Convention-Center-on-the-Hill, located between Dylar Pharmaceuticals and the most-photographed barn in America, for what is either chronologically one day, a few days, or several weeks that in the end actually occur within one day (we’re still on Tralfamadorian time), for panels, parties, cosplay, exclusives, and a writer who still needs to apologize to an artist for typing such scene directions as “The following movie, TV, and graphic novels characters appear in cosplay in the the background of panel one before we move to the crowd scene of panel two…”


Sally Forth: Comic Con Checklist #1

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NOTE: Yes, that should read as “pennant,” not “pendant.” A correction will appear shortly.

Sally Forth: The Origin of Starlee

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Stacey at New York Comic Con dressed as “Ziggy Stardust Meets Jem,” the cosplay that inspired Starlee and Sally Forth’s own outfit in today’s Sunday strip.

Sally Forth: First the Cosplay, then the Role-Play

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Judge Parker—Now with Non-Stop Chyron Action!

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The thing about televised law enforcement press briefings is that they are real-life exposition devices with one uninterrupted camera angle. In short, I gave Mike almost nothing to work with visually and you get a full week to really study LAPD Commander Harold Mahler’s pores.

Sally Forth and Recent History

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With today’s strip we’ve received comments from people saying, “Come on, man! That happened a full year ago! Try catching up!” But there was never a reason to cite the Fyre Festival in the comic until today. (Unless we’d done a flashback of Ted being the last to escape the island, already having befriended a Spalding ball he named “Koosh.”) That’s like you citing a historical moment only for someone to say, “Come on, man! That happened 148 years ago! Cite a new Franco-Prussian battle!”

Before the Comic Con Comes the Cosplay

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Remember—”Sally Forth, Starlee, and the Comic Con” starts Monday, June 25th!
Also, “Sally Forth, Starlee, and the Comic Con” sounds like an early 70s movie or at least an IMDb listing for Troy McClure.

How My Dad Got Me Mel Blanc’s Autograph—A Father’s Day Post

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NOTE: This is NSFW. Really. There is copious line-art nudity. But there is also a photo from The Big Lebowski, so there is that.

Back in the early to mid-70’s porn was enjoying a cultural resurgence, thanks in large part to such travelogues as Last Tango in Paris, Debbie Does Dallas and, um, The Wild World of Spurts.

During that time my dad was a graphic package designer best known for designing the logos for Pepsi, American Airlines, Folgers and Winston Chewing Tobacco, a product that once had as its either un-copyedited or purposeful tagline—“Put a Little Winston in Your Mouth.”

But Dad longed for bigger things. All his life he wanted more than anything to be a cartoonist. Every Saturday morning he and I sat on the sofa and watch almost every animated show, all leading up to our very favorite cartoon, The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour

And every night Dad worked on his cartoon and comic art submissions, hoping for the day he would be struck by that one grand idea, that one unequivocal moment of creative brilliance. That moment finally arrived when he drew this…

The Original Orgy Shirt—151 naked people, six dogs, and what I thought until the age of 11 was sponge cake at the very top, all engaged in 100% cotton sexual congress.

Sensing he had hit upon the right drawing for the right decade (and still smarting from the fact that Milton Bradley had refused to buy his party game “Pick-a-Dick”), Dad pulled together the funds and ran an ad (copy written by Screw Magazine and Channel J founder Al Goldstein) for his new shirt in Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Oui, Cheri, and New York Magazine.

The Original Orgy Shirt proved an instant hit and soon dad and I were making weekly drop-offs at such “alternative clothing” places as the Pleasure Chest. There dad conducted business while I wandered the store, checking out the zipper masks and ball gags, because when it came to leaving your six-year-old child unattended in a car in Lower Manhattan circa 1974 or bringing him into an establishment that years later would have him exclaiming in a packed screening of Pulp Fiction, “I recognize that gimp suit!” the latter was by far the wiser choice.

The Original Orgy shirt was such a hit that my dad started to draw and sell a whole host of others that I won’t name here but suffice it to say one was called “Cockamania.” (Although, technically, it was “Uncircumcised Cockamania.”) But it was the Orgy shirt that got the most attention. It won several international design awards, led to a Penthouse model doing a photo shoot on the glass table we still eat Christmas dinner on and inadvertently resulted in me being told off at age seven by actor Sam Elliott…

Who, frankly, had every reason to be mad at me because I kept taking complimentary mood rings by the fat fistful from his booth when my family spent our spring-break vacation at the 1975 Daytona Adult Film and Entertainment Expo where he was promoting his film for the following year, Lifeguard.

Over the next few years my dad started receiving countless orders from U.S. Ambassadors, Bank Presidents, Newspaper magnates, and Malcolm Forbes, seen here ordering two Orgy shirts on News Years, 1975…and then paying for it on the company dime.

But perhaps the single most important order arrived on July, 1974, which directly quoted the ad and read (click on image to make larger)…

Now for those of you who had the sheer gall to be born after 1985, Mel Blanc was the voice–if not the soul–of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam, Wile E. Coyote, Barney Rubble, Mr. Spacely, and literally hundreds of other cartoon characters that my Dad watched and discussed throughout my childhood. So when dad opened this letter he quickly knew it was more than a simple T-shirt order. It was a chance to provide his son with a keepsake he knew would mean all the world to him. So he immediately mailed several T-shirts, politely asking that in return the man who gave so much joy to him and his son on those Saturday mornings give them one more thing. Less than three months later I received this autograph…

And the following response on official Bugs Bunny stationary that included some words from Bugs himself…

And reads: “Thanks very much for the t-shirts. Mine fits perfectly but Bugs’ is a little loose around the crotch. Bugs says it taught him a lot of new ways. Thanks again. Sincerely, Mel Blanc.”

Happy Father’s Day, everyone.

Coming This Summer to Sally Forth: Starlee and the Comic Con Experience!

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Sally Forth: A Very Serious Cookie

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By the way, “Peek Freans are a very serious cookie.” Now watch as the cast of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark steals someone’s dessert…

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