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You Need More Sleep: Advice from Cats

YNMS Facebook Banner 2You Need More Sleep Cover MediumHow many times have you felt overwhelmed by life only to look over and see your cat sprawled out on your coffee table, on top of your dinner? How many times have you over analyzed your every little action only to notice your cat peeing in full view of everyone, locking eyes with you as if to say, “‘Sup?” How many times have you been stymied by indecision only to watch your cat walk straight up to a glass and slap it to the floor because it’s Tuesday and things have got to get done?

Fear not, fretting human. The cats are here to help. Yes, for the first time in history our feline betters have gathered their wisdom, philosophy, and unwavering belief that their way is the only way into one life-altering, ego-enhancing guide, You Need More Sleep: Advice from Cats. From Personal Relationships to Social Interaction to Career Advancement to YOU, You Need More Sleep is the only book you’ll ever need to get through your days without worry, without doubt, without caring if you just claimed the entire bed, and with absolute confidence in every single thing that you do.

You Need More Sleep: Advice from Cats is available September 1, 2015 from these retailers and many more
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