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Sally Forth Sunday: Trystero Con Begins

Posted in Uncategorized by cesco7 on July 1, 2018

And the Forths have finally entered Trystero Con! Today’s strip is first and foremost a celebration of expressing who you are and dressing as you wish (which angers those who consider such life-affirming things as immature and get upset whenever Sally Forth focuses on Sally Forth as they await the next incel Reddit post). But yes, it’s also an excuse to load up on the movie and comic references. So let’s break it down panel by panel until someone comments “Enough!” as we keep doing what we love to do.

Perhaps inspired by the thought, “If I were God I’d add an extra three hours to each day solely to allow for the complete version of Sy Snootles and the Max Rebo Band’s ‘Jedi Rocks'” George Lucas released his well-beyond-mere-tinkering takes of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. Such changes included the above image Ted refers to from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope—Special Edition Colon M-Dash Numeral System…The Movie. In the original version, a running Han and Chewbacca turn a corner in the Death Star only to be greeted by as many “under-five” extras as Lucas’s initial budget could allow. But in the revamped re-release version, Han is greeted by what looks like several stormtroopers surrounded by funhouse mirrors in what was either one of the first incidences of the director’s horror vacui approach to art or a hint of his crippling kenophobia. It was also the scene that when I saw it in the movie theater back in 1997 made the audience laugh out loud and groan at the same time, result in a sound I will hereby refer to as a “grough.”

A little while later while attending the release of The Empire Strikes Back: Special Edition that I finally realized all of Darth Vader’s heavy breathing was actually a series of exasperated sighs, as he contended with the legally-blind sharpshooters and thoroughly incompetent neo-Nazis that made up his payroll. This was also around the same time I thought it best to get a copy of the original movies before they were gone for good. And I still have them. Now all I need is a VCR…


Cosplayers in the background include Edna Mode, Lando Calrissian (yes, today’s strip is quite heavy with the Star Wars references), and my favorite, Tiffany from Paper Girls. If you’re not currently reading Paper Girls—a masterwork by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Cliff Chiang with remarkable coloring by Matt Wilson—rectify that immediately. What to some may start off as 80s nostalgia goes well beyond that in both story scope and actual timespan.

And yes, more Star Wars (or, to be more precise given the Lando cosplay, more The Empire Strikes Back). This is in reference to the bounty hunter onference meeting scene in which like many a Human Resources manager Darth Vader already knows who he prefers for the job but has to go through the motions of looking like he’s interviewing several candidates to adhere to corporate hiring practices. Such never-were-really-in-the-running individuals include the head- bandaged Dengar, who even I wouldn’t consider because it looks like he would shoot himself in cerebellum…again. To the far right we have Zuckuss, which I believe is Yiddish for “red deer tick” and appears as if he would also require Han Solo to have exposed limbs or forget to tuck his pants into his boots to make his attack. Next to Zuckuss is 4-Lom, a protocol droid with a name perhaps taken from a dedication carved into a tree and who even if he hadn’t experienced a glitch that turned him evil looks like he would have stabbed you with an oyster fork. Of course, next to 4-Lom is Ted’s first-fave bounty hunter Bossk, a Trandoshan who made for one of the coolest Kenner action figures. Next to him is Boba or something, whose career highlight is appearing in the one maybe-decent scene in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

And that leaves us with Ted’s second favorite bounty hunter, IG-88, who admittedly stands as if he were the Tin Man pre-oil can rescue, appears as if he were placed there like store mannequin without his knowledge, and when everyone else has left and the lights to the room have been shut off for the night will still be there, occasionally dressed in casual activewear and made to hold a tennis racket by bored Empire staff.


Cosplayers in the background include Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Godzilla, Bumblebee, and No-Face from Spirited Away, who also served as the name of Nona and Faye’s side-band project.

This panel also highlights Ted Forth’s celebrity crush on Thandie Newton, making it perhaps the first time Ted has ever made complete sense. Well, the second…


A nod to Starlee and the Moonbeams, the 80s animated syndicated series created for Sally Forth that someone took pains to explain to me was not a real show and who will no doubt eventually also tell me that they’ve driven by Sally’s house numerous times only to find that it’s not there and that Ted can’t be real because the character never even winces when said person screams at him while reading the paper. As seen above, Lunatick was first mentioned as a discontinued and utterly disgusting toy and one of the many gifts he and Hilary bought Sally for Mother’s Day. I want two.

Ted, meanwhile, makes one of his many Micronauts references, this time about the action figure line and comic book series villain Baron Karza. Though Karza (whose surname was the backwards spelling of a Mego Toys employee’s last name “Azrak”) appears as if he could not resemble Darth Vader more if he cut off his own son’s hand during a fight over Bespin, the figure came out the same year as Star Wars and designed beforehand as a retooling of the company’s Microman toy Jeeg from 1975 (really, even I think we’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole here). Baron Karza had numerous missiles that could actually be fired because they were installed prior to a child accidentally swallowing a Mattel Battlestar Galactic Viper toy projectile. This included one that could be blasted from the torso, which is why Karza looks like he has a belly button for an umbilical cord wide enough to feed him pot roasts in utero. Karza is seen here with his trusted steed Andromeda (aside from spelling things backwards the 70s were not an inspired era for “space” names), with whom in toy version he could be combined to create a goth centaur or serve as a red flag to parents that their child may one day conduct unlicensed surgical procedures in their basement.

And Jim Keefe (who made all of this possible) snuck in David Bowie cosplay to highlight the Jem/Ziggy Stardust that my girlfriend Stacey did which inspired Starlee and the Moonbeams.



Alan Tudyk is a beloved mainstay of Comic Cons, which he even plays on (with co-star Nathan Fillion) in his own web series Con Man. Tudyk has starred in Firefly (and the movie sequel Serenity), Frozen, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, a whole host of TV shows and animated movies/cartoon series, and, of course, as K-2SO in Rogue One. Special Note: He also appeared in Deadpool 2 along with Matt Damon. They’re the two rednecks who get their truck stolen by Cable.


And since this is a family feature, let’s end today’s post with an image for all—Assassin The Stalk from Saga.

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  1. Naked Bunny with a Whip said, on July 1, 2018 at 11:47 am

    I always feel a bit of pride that I can follow all the Micronauts references.

  2. Bill said, on July 1, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    Forget the Con characters. You win the internet today for mentioning Tucker & Dale vs. Evil which is one of the funniest and most underrated movies ever.

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